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a slut and a puta put together, meaning, mexican and white. : girl who gives it up all over the place. constant partygoing beezie.
that sluta sucked my balls last night right after she chugged that bottle.
by andy tovar July 28, 2006
An Indian slut.
- Yo did you see Vinny?!
- Yeah dude what about him?
- He was totally hitting on Sluta!
- Sluta?! No way man.
- Yeah dude Vinny wants his nut from Sluta!
- Total nut sesh.
- Yeah dude, he's whipped.
by SLUTA September 05, 2010
a GIRL who gets with a new person about everyday
Cary is only a slut a, so shes a tease
by assssshhhhhhhhh January 13, 2008
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