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Source Lines of Coding
Guy 1: Hey, how many SLOC was your application?
Guy 2: Uh, like 4000.
by uniKornn June 19, 2013
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n. ~ Steamy Load of Cum
v. ~ the act of putting your steamy load onto/into ones face, mouth, buns, vagina, etc.
1: "I want your steamy load of cum all in my mouth."
2: "Did you hear about Ted? He SLOCed Brittany right in the eye last night. I'm so proud of Ted."
by YankThePlug February 20, 2013
Initially used to describe Scheduled Lines Of Code for completion in a test project by the Bruce, Sloc has now become a common term for demeaning someone or something, for use in a manner not dissimilar to fuck. Sloc is a derogatory term that can be used in almost any sentence or word combination.


'You Slocced that up !'

'Give it here, Sloccer'

'I'd like to Sloc her'

'Sloc it here, digger'
by Ube Hookmeister General April 06, 2003
Students Living Off Campus...
Q.. Does Danny live on campus?
A.. No hes a SLOC
by lizzie gee May 11, 2005

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