Top Definition
To knock some one out
Damn! That nigga jus got slept!
by EFREN GARCIA May 21, 2008
To miss out on something awesome.
Person 1: yo did you get them Jordan retro 11s?
Person 2: Na breh I slept.

Example 2
Person 1: Whats up homie, you still got that supreme cap for sale?
Person 2: Nope, sold it last week. Yall slept!
by misterrjd October 20, 2011
to hit someone hard enough to knock them out

can also be used as another word for slapped
Man, that hoe is about to get slept
by telephone45 September 13, 2007
y'all fools was too slept last night. you talked to the wall!!
by Livingbakedashell August 13, 2011
past tense of sleep
It's like this officer, moms came in my room asking for the rent and I slept her
by Clancy October 06, 2003
it is a code word for 'wanking'often used by stevan o.
i just slept = i just had a wank

by kunnabread March 22, 2007

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