SLA= Slightly awkward answer; (adj.,v.,n. etc.)------> A quick way of getting out of those tight spot awkward situations when texting. Another stupid, senseless abbreviation to add to your neverending arsenal of stupid, senseless abbreviations.
Alexa: Like, what do you mean?
Steve: You're stupid!
Alexa: Smh, SLA. G2g, ttyl!
by Jaytess November 23, 2010
Social Life Activity - Anything that involves leaving a computer screen for more than 2 hours at a time, and actually engaging in social interaction.
Aaron "Have you heard about Luke? He hasn't been out of his house for a month!"

Anthony "Yeah maybe we should organize some SLA's with him that don't involve the latest gaming consoles!"
by DBAnu February 08, 2009
that huge ass vein that connects your beanbag to your yogurt slinger
"sarah, dont chomp on my slas when i teabag you"
by sam (slas) suarez September 22, 2003
Salary Lacks Affluence
Jeremy's SLA, so he seeks other opportunities.
by Soon2b-rep April 10, 2003
Sysad Lacks Advancement
Once he realized he was in a SLA situation, he decided it was time to move on.
by Soon2b-rep April 10, 2003
Sla is anything you want it to be. It can be anything from insults to compliments to things to places to people. Especially people.
Do you want to sla?
Let's sla!
Where's sla?
by Bert January 14, 2005
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