a skeeo shares many similarities with a pigeon, the difference being while a pigeon is much more physically disgusting, a skeeo is has a more annoying, bitchy, uncool personality
lil kim is a pigeon, ashanti is a skeeo
by kidzbop September 15, 2005
Top Definition
A female usualy with hoe-ish tendencies
Yo look at that skeeo with the fat ass
by Mardi April 11, 2003
A whore. Derived from the phrase "skeet skeet" and the word "hoe."

Gosh his ex is such a skeeo.
by Danielle&Amber November 28, 2007
A hooded up female a hood rat and female that ain't nothin but trouble always tryin 2 be on the come up
"who, sadeares, that skee-o? She ain't nothin but trouble."
by Boston December 25, 2004
a hood rat she is a dime wit out 10 penny's she caint by herself sh!t
tara banks
by brooklyn_boi March 31, 2003
A golddigger dat looks like a flawless dime piece, but really ain't got a dime.
Toast: Damn! shawty looks good.
Tyrone: Be careful, she a SKEEO
by Tosin November 03, 2006
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