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the acronym (SINTY) meaning Sorry I Never Told You related to and coined by the popular website
Wife: I went to the movies with all our family friends last friday.

Husband: WHAT?!?!

Wife: SINTY. you were working the whole weekend anyways.

girl: i am good at giving head, i just don't give you head because your junk smells like ass SINTY
by Shhh... Tell March 31, 2011
The perfect outet for getting secrets off your chest. Whether it be a burden you have been wanting to get out of your mind or a story you've never told a soul, is the place to unload your secrets.
I felt really bad about what I did so I posted it on

Honey, I really love your sister more. SINTY
by sorryinevertoldyou March 14, 2011

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