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SINBAD is an acronym of "Single Income, No Boyfriend And Desperate" which describes a single desperate city girl.
She's a typical SINBAD
by Ryleh August 08, 2007
A tattoo on a woman's vagina
John- Oh Cathy what is that on your vagina
Cathy- Oh its a sinbad!
by cahil7 October 21, 2010
A hilarious light-skinned, black comic who has a clever skits such as growing up in urban neighborhoods around kids with Chocolate Spray, having Windbreakers.. among other things.. Oh yeah, he's in that awesome show ' It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' in the episode ' Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life'
Sinbad is like 6' 5" also.. lol
by jonny donny May 16, 2010
To use your dick as a sword and stab your girl in the ass with it. Hopefully you won't miss and get a bendie that would be bad
I got lucky last night and gave my bitch a sinbad. Then i went in for another and accidentaly got a bendie
by the sinbad master October 13, 2005
Alias for resident of 1st Left Dorchester Hall at St. Mary's College of Maryland.

Astounding physical resemblance.
"Even Sinbad's mom said he looked like Sinbad!"
by kwashia March 04, 2005
The act of putting a sword in your fly, handle first, and doing several pelvic thrusts behind someone. Screaming "Sinbad!" while doing it enhances the effect.
David puts the sword in the right position, sneaks up behind Joey, and thrusts himself in screaming "Sinbad, sinbad, sinbad!" Joey takes it like a man.
by Ben the master October 19, 2005
A mnemonic in the same genre of Yuppie.

Single In Need of Bird Absolutely Desperate.
He used to be a Yuppie before the stock market crashed, now he's just SINBAD.
by Carlton Harper May 09, 2005

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