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abbreviation for stick it in her butt and pee. created and used by the infamous and elite members of
usually used in reference to a female story.
feltch bomb:
"dude last night i got with a big black girl!"

"you better have SIIHBAP'd!"
by propoganda August 14, 2006
stick it in her butt and pee.SIIHBAP
"look at that bitch"
"i wanna stick it in her butt and pee!(SIIhBAP)"
by meat spinner August 19, 2006
A term that means Stick It In Her Butt And Pee. The origin of the phrase is unknown.
Despite the GTF spamming this definition, they did not invent it as admitted by the first member to use it at the GTF and it's also pretty much guaranteed not to have originated at the Neither site should be trying to use this definition to boost their user count. If they continue to, then SIIHBAP them.
by The_Undertaker May 04, 2008
Stick It In Her Butt And Pee, an esoteric GTF meme.
"What does SIIHBAP mean?"
"Stick It In Her Butt And Pee."
by Mr. Brownstone July 07, 2006
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