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Secret Internet Fatties Need Not Apply

An Acronym used on dating sites by those who wish to dissuade the hordes of morbidly obese, heffers, BBW, and other overweight social undesirables. From further dragging down the human race. Thus preventing them from breeding and overrunning the earth.

Usually placed somewhere within the dating profile to indicate your desire not to engage in otherwise pointless communication. By taking a stance against SIF's in an effort to fight obesity and ugliness throughout the world. So you can finally get a chance to meet that special beautify and not fat or ugly person.

- looking for someone to settle down with.


- Looking for a good time. must be DDF, well Groumed, SIFNNA.

- Interested in a long term relationship, Short term dating, also SIFNNA.

you get the point.
by Maximus Epiarus Acheron May 15, 2010
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