sif = as if (what the hell)

commonly used by try hards
fo shizzle ma nizzle, sif i wouldn't!
by auTeX March 22, 2005
Screwed In Fantasy. The act of being screwed in a fantasy sport by a fantasy sports player. Then, going to and posting to make sure that all of your friends and foes read about it.

How you can get screwed: Your fantasy catcher gets benched on Sunday and you lose by one hit, giving your nemesis the week's victory. Your top notch wide receiver doesn't grab a catch on Sunday, costing you a valuable 10-15 fantasy points. Your favorite basketball player steps on someone's foot and is out for 4-6 weeks. Your fantasy hockey player misses the game winning shot, and your chance at a fantasy championship.

The list goes on and on.
I took Joe Nathan in the 10th round of the draft after two other closers went, knowing Nathan was a guaranteed 40+ saves a year. One week later he goes under Tommy John surgery and I'm out of a player and a solid draft pick. You really SIF'ed me on this one Nathan.
by Screwed In Fantasy April 10, 2010
a slow person, some one who takes their time doing every thing.
omg your such a sif, hurry up
by amber1234 October 29, 2012
Someone I'd Fuck
Guy 1:Hey your sisters SIF

Guy 2:Man fuck you
Guy 3:He's right she is SIF
Guy 2:Fuck all y'all
by Raw Faith November 06, 2009
'Smooshed In Face'

Someone who was either born with a 'Smooshed in Face', or had an accident with the baseball resulting in a 'Smooshed in Face'.
A) "Dude, that girl is pretty cute."
B) "What? are you kidding she's a total SIF."
by Strings Jr. September 10, 2009
Strong Independent Female
- "Whoah, did you see her knock out that 500-lb ex-convict/sexual predator?"

- "Yeah, she's a total SIF."
by ecjs October 29, 2008
Afrikaans word for being "off", like a pervert or something disgusting, like taking a sip of beer that had a sigarette bud in it.
Nooit broe, don't be sif!
This floater is sif!
Your mother makes sif samies broe!
That old guy outside the kindergarden is a sif bastard!
by Ozzmars August 15, 2008
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