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A new balance, old navy jeans, ugly hats that will say anything, and a Sears t-shirt wearing person. Generally a little overweight. They are often out of touch with modern styles and culture. They flock to major cities as tourists often dressing alike and standing out compared to the trendy and cosmopolitan locals. Hobbies include some but not of the following: Fishing, Disney World, Dining at places they cannot afford, family trips to AppleBees, Miller Light, Taking too many pictures, and driving smelly and messy cars. They especially like Dodge Rams and GMC's. Not to be confused with White Trash, Shkeets have a legitimate source of income they just spend their wealth in tacky ways.
Jordan: Hey, there is a rally this saturday at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.
Jared: Yea, so many tourists, they are annoying and dressed funny.
Corey: The Line outside Friday's was huge.
Sam: This place is filled with Shkeets!!!
by Shkeet Master November 03, 2010
To shart skeet out of one's anal sphincter.
-"Are you wearing a condom?"
-"Sweet, looks like I get to shkeet tonight"
by JonnyJackhammer December 02, 2011
to have the ability to ejaculate within a very slight amount of time
Girl:Oh yeah, oh baby.........why did you stop?
Boy:.............I shkeeted
by Ian,Hayden December 25, 2008
a. a word with a negative connotation, said when something unfavorable happens.

b. to take a dookie
1. Oh shkeet man i left the stuff at my house.
2. I really have to shkeet, wheres the bathroom?
by AMORT March 28, 2007
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