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Damn that guy is a SHIVER, did you see him whoop all three of those dudes asses?
by ;lkuuverawq June 25, 2009
10 24
The act of taking a shit in a river. One must be standing up for best results.
This idiot named Stuart had diarreah while we were floating down the Mckenzie. He then proceeded to depart his raft and took a standing shiver. What a sick freak!
by Shiver man March 07, 2010
62 28
The cold feeling one has for a second after an orgasm.
Man after me and Suzi were at it i got the shivers.
by ELBRENDO August 17, 2006
49 20
Spandex material pants that girls wear to gym, with Uggs, under dresses, etc.

Joseph Shivers was the creator of Spandex.

Keeping everything where God intended it with a little help from mankind.
"Damn, look at those shivers!"

Guy 1: "how was the gym today?"
Guy 2: "It was good, mad shivery in there today!"
by Shepherd Pie March 22, 2011
8 11
When one throws cold water on their roommates, suitemates, and braaaat. Preferrably a shiver takes place in the shower but sometimes can be seen o nthe shitter.
Josh just got shivered like a huge rook
by d, jt, g unit April 03, 2004
16 26
To provide manual relief to oneself. Usage believed to have originated in the PL4 region of Plymouth (UK) but expanded rapidly across county borders, and has been heard uttered on national telvision shows.
I shivered a beauty over that scene in Scum where the kid gets bummed in the greenhouse.
by irreverent August 01, 2006
12 30
The feeling you get when two men kiss.
Lance Bass gives me the shivers!
by Guy man dude February 03, 2009
10 39