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French for Punk, cracker, bitch
man 1: "You see larry over, there?"

man 2: "Yeah, what an o'fay!"
by mattyfun January 12, 2004
The sudden flinch followed by a head rush caused by the euphoric feeling of ejaculation. this is less common in crappy, boring sex.
wow, it was so good i got the shivers
by MATTYFUN August 08, 2004
Hater of love
every body needs some body to love before it's too late
by MATTYFUN June 21, 2004
The funniest poster on this site.
Come Back TruthSpeaker. you made me laugh fuckin hard
by MATTYFUN September 07, 2004
the act of giving one a rim job
ho, give me an rj
by mattyfun January 08, 2004
1. a loose (single) ciggarette.

2. oral sex
1. "I found a loosey in my backpack"

2. "bitch, give me some loosey!"
by MATTYFUN March 10, 2004

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