1. N: Feces in a series.
2. N: a person who is slowing you down when you have to shit really bad.
3. N: a man or women who enjoys a person deficating on their face.
1. after an hour serveral shit locks clogged my toilet.
2. Dude stop being such a shit lock and let me go to the bathroom.
3. Darrin you sick shit lock get away from me i will not deficate on your face!
by Paulio & chris December 23, 2003
Top Definition
Dred locks that look shitty on someone.
Nigga those ain't dredlocks, they SHITLOCKS!
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
1.) term used to describe nappy dreadlocks

2.) term used to describe nappy braids/cornrows
1.) That guy need to shave them shitlocks out of his head!!

2.) Jim: You ugly
Bob: Yo mama
Jim: Shut-up and take them shitlocks down
Bob: Fuck you man
by darkshadow2247 December 19, 2004
"Why are you walking like you shat yourself?"

"Man, I wish. I think I've got terminal shitlock here."
by RhythmJunky November 23, 2009
A piece of doo doo placed on a personal object to deter theft.
"The thief was deterred when he smelled the stench of my shit lock."

"Don't take that! It's been shit locked!"

"I forgot my bike lock, but luckely I never leave home without my shit lock."

"Some people hide their keys... I just put shit on things. That is a shit lock."
by Circus Freak January 09, 2010
An abnormally large dreadlock that forms on one's taint by a mixture/combination of sweat, fecal matter, extra long-unkempt taint hair and extended walking.
Because I forgot to trim the 'hedge-row' on my taint, as a pre-emptive strike, before leaving for the show... 3hrs into walking around the grounds of WOODSTOCK '94, I had developed the most debilitating shitlock on my taint. With every step, it would twist tighter and tighter, through friction between my inner thighs/lower ass-cheeks... It was dreadful!
by Jeffballz Guyser May 29, 2009
when your ass hair grows out nappy and forms dreadlocks, therefore collecting shit on them
man i havent shaved my ass in years, yesterday i checked out my ass, and i found shit-locks
by two.one.five November 30, 2009
To render toilets out of order by blocking the hole either inadvertently with faeces or deliberately, i.e. in a state of relatively important intoxication, by adding whole toilet rolls and sometimes crockery
"The fucking idiots, they've shitlocked the bloody toilets !" (typical assessment on Saturday mornings in an English university hall of residence)
by DarkStormy March 04, 2015

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