Shoes that are too big and capable of flicking shit with the tip!!
Check them shoes out, they are proper shit flickers!
by Zoe_1985 September 09, 2008
Top Definition
Shit flickers are disgustingly trollopy shoes one skank would wear normaly a little poor kid, they are often too big and look like old mens shoes.
WOW...ashley check billy dawes's SHIT FLICKERS!
by JC92 January 15, 2007
A pair of shoes that look like they are supposed to flick shit all over you.
Why do you own a pair of shitflickers from aldi? Go buy some new ones before you flick your own shit all over me!
by thescouser January 29, 2012
Pointy shoes which are used to pick up shit and then to flick that shit into somebody's face.
"woah, look at that girls' SHITFLICKERS"
i love you ryan,u'll always be my baby!!!
by bellagry September 16, 2005
someone who works with horses, usually cleaning muck out of the stables.
see him, hes a shit flicker
by steve February 05, 2004
A gay person who sticks their fingers up their lover's hole.
oh my god david it's in m eye
by eddy hitler June 06, 2005
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