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The art of sleeping with some one at least twice your age.
Yo , Chris I just shadrached your mom bitch!!
by SHIT SHOES July 28, 2006
36 9
Curly haired musician who likes to fuck girls twice before ditching them and then goes with another chick
Man! Terick is killer at drums today, "KEEP IT UP TERICK, MAYBE SOMEDAY YOU'LL GO SHADRACH!"
by daug February 26, 2010
10 6
(n): (neg.) Someone who is annoying, stupid, ignorant, trifling.
(pos) A term of endearment, friend, homie, shob.
(neg) "Yo mama a Shadrach!"
(pos) "Wattup Shadrach?"
by Hawaiiquikslvr April 25, 2007
11 21