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1. One who engages in sexual activities with a hippopotamus.

2. Fatty Sex

3. EvilGlitch's attempt to get CSRDanB to change his character's name.
"That fat bitch was gobbling up my nuts like they was marbles and she was a hungry hungry hippo, man she was sh0kaning them something hardcore."
by EvilGlitch June 03, 2004
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2 words from an anchient dialect combined. SHO meaning headless body and KAN meaning the act of sexual penatration. 1)ShoKan - one who engages in necrophilliac sex with the neck's of headless corpses. 2)Title given by members of the New Conglomerate to forces controlled by the Terran Republic and Vanu Soverinty.
The ShoKan have taken Mithra Tower.
Did you see that ShoKan blow up?!
I'm gonna make all those ShoKan pay!!!
by NotAnotherGrunt June 04, 2004
the act of performing a Goatse manuver upon another person in a similar fashion to mooning them.
hes sh0kanning her! sick!
by Phage the Untouchable June 04, 2004
1. One who likes tickling the grundel of hippopotamei.
Dude! That guy is such a sh0kan, he just loves the fat chicks.
by EQBrekk June 03, 2004
Sh0kan see also pwn instagibbed csrssuck
Holy crap,did you see that dude sh0kan that other guy??
by Raikonnen June 04, 2004

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