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The meaning of SFDB is Stupid Fucking Dumb Bitch or Stupid Fucking Douche Bag
"Karen you're such a SFDB." or

"GOD, this teahcer is such a SFDB."
#db #sf #whore #slt #bitch
by NJ Birdman October 06, 2006
(n) South Florida Douche Bag.
1) Most commonly seen with gel in hair, pencil thin beards, Dwayne Wade jerseys, earings, gold chains or a rosary and jean shorts. 1/2 hip-hip, 1/2 Hillel these folks can usually be found driving their daddy's BMW or their own riced-out Prelude somewhere west of Fedral(US-1) or off of the Auto-Parts store. Frequently joining car clubs and/or putting epithphs on ther back window. Will refer tothemselves by group names like "Boca Mafia" and use catch phraises like "Holla at cha boi".

Origins 1990's: Hileah possibly of Hebrew, Caribbean and Sicilian Roots

Look at that SFDB in the Ed Hardy jump suit.
#bodacious #akademics #kevin loothis #pinderer #douche
by Davong Mehta March 04, 2008
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