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SFBE also known as SuperFratBoyExtreme, is a wannabe troll who uses 4chan to try and troll other users, but most of the time ends up making a fool of himself.

Most of the posts by SFBE deal with his love for the HALO and how Nintendo sucks or masturbating with small animals.
SFBE: stop making fun of me! now. just because your all stupid don't think i'm stupid like all you other mother fuckers.!

4ChanTROLL: The reason you're not rustling up the attention you desire is because your persona is not at all compelling, witty or clever. It's just kinda dumb and lazy. My advice, back to the drawing board.

RedCream: SFBE = Shaved For Better Entry

SFBE: Yeah I'm sure you would have felt the same for Borat. OR you would have called his creator Sasha Baron Cohen a genius.

Fact is Borat as a character is just as asinine and stupid as I am in real life.
#sbfe #superfratboyextreme #4chan #shaved for better entry #halo
by 4ChanTROLL September 27, 2011
Sorry For Bad English
What a person, whose native language is not English, writes at the end of a sentence because he's not sure if there are any mistakes in what he has written.
*Makes 9gag post with perfect English*
"SFBE guys"
#9gag #mistakes #english #language #not native
by Bibz April 16, 2015
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