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An Xbox Live player who frequently plays RTS games, and is actually a member of a clan based off of an RTS game known as 'Command & Conquer' that originated shortly after the release of the fore mentioned game back in 1995. The clan he is a member of, worships the charismatic leader named 'Kane' of the evil forces known as 'NOD' and will usually be a very skilled player. Although many of the games this person has not played, this person, as most of their clan do, will usually pick the game up in a matter of moments, and be outplaying even the seasoned pros. Watch out for his tricks, he is known for being very misleading and WILL take advantage of a situation as soon as the opportunity arises.
Player: "Oh f, how did u know i was going to be there?"

SF napkin: "HA HA!! I was always watching, i am always watching."

Player: wtf man

SF napkin: "HA! you cant hide anywhere, so just come out and this will end quick....."
by xboxliveperson August 14, 2010
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