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Originally from the word - Sensous - but adapted to the spanish speaking world. Sensus refers to something that is simply awesome. When all the stars are aligned and the universe conspires in your favor - you had a sensus moment. Sensus can also refer to a person with lots of sex-appeal or who looks really good. Its rumored that use of the word began to be widely used in Madrid, Spain - mostly among the international high school crowd.
Example 1:
Hey Nuria! Guess what? I am having a SENSUS day! Got an A+ in my test, got accepted to Harvard, and ended the day hooking up with the girl of my dreams!

Yeah. That sounds totally sensus.

Example 2:
Hey Cindy! You know Erika from Accounting?

Yeah. What about her?
Me and her totally had a sensus moment in the elevator. I even gave her my sensus look. I think I'm going to make a move.

Example 3:
This morning when I saw the girl from next door she looked really good! She kinda of had a Katie Holmes look to her. She looked very sensus.
by ASM Miami Dude August 25, 2010