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(South East Technical Career Academy) Formerly known as Vo-Tech, SECTA is a magnet public high school known for having the worst sports teams ever, filled with Asians, Hispanics and a good amount of Caucasians. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, students may apply for career majors such as Health Occ. (you'll find all the Asians here), Auto-Tech, Auto Body, CISCO, Culinary, Computer Animation, Cosmetology, Television Production, Graphic Design, etc.
Hey what high school are you applying for freshman year?

I don't know man, I applied to SWCTA and SECTA, but I don't know if either of them will accept me.

That's so lame dude, just go to a regular high school, they're so more laid back than magnets.
by Steady Mobbin July 16, 2012
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