Can stand for many things including:

Somebody Eats Choce (You are being a shittalker in Farsi)
Smelly Eggs and Cheese
Sephardic Educational Center
Sweet Easter Candy

also the name of a Crew centered in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica

Peace nigga

S.E.C. is G'd up cuz
by Nasan December 20, 2006
a football conference with a fan base that has nothing better to do then base the entirity of their existence on caring about a school they most likely did not attend. When SEC football fans arent being completely ignorant about football, they enjoy going to church 7 days a week, going to sleep at 8 o'clock at night, and watching tapes of past billy graham services. SEC fans also like to make fun of Ohio State and claim their superiority in college football, even though the Pac-10 conference has consistently kicked the shit out of SEC over the past several seasons. The SEC is also full of overrated NFL prospects such as Jamarcus Russel who only threw over 300 yards once in a college game and now, Matthew Stafford who has only a 53% completion percentage. Also when listening to an SEC fan speak, try to ignore how horrible their grammer is, as a majority of their sentences are double or even triple negatives. Evidently there are tigers in Louisiana and elephants in Alabama.
SEC fan- "Not nobody gonna beat the 'Tide this year no-how!"
by K2dynamo August 31, 2008
smoke, eat, cuddle
Meg: "Guys lets sec tonight"
by shhcissie May 14, 2011
Securities and Exchange Commission Lower than FEMA or FCC
whooped bunch of hooty jahoosin the sec doing nothing butt sucking the american tax payer while the stock market burns & ceo's screw investors. And Bush doesn't have a clue what sec does!
by itichie_nocanpo June 27, 2006
smoke, eat, cuddle
Cassie: "Hey Meg, wanna sec tonight?"
Meg: "Duh betch"
by C15513 May 29, 2011
short for second. Used when in a hurry.
Slut- Do you have a condom?
Mofo- One sec bitch ... shit it's broken.
by Xhamlliku November 23, 2004

An acronym showing what you must have when being a part of 2014.
2014 has SECS all day.
by TableTurner April 13, 2011

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