the classiest camera alive
seb is such a good canon xs.
by bariemissile December 29, 2010
standing for, sexy emo boy...which me and my friend created at a bbq cook-off last year when we saw the most awesome looking emo guy in the world! and when we saw him he was sulking...hah ^^
man, where are all the fucking s.e.b.'s?!?!
by CookiMunster August 04, 2008
Abbreviation for the term Sex Eye Ball, Meaning to meet a person and engage to sexual intercourse.A Commonly used abbreviation in chatting.
Are you willing for S.E.B. ?
by Mike Version March 13, 2005
The act of one man squatting over another man and snipping with scissors his pubic hairs whilst the other man licks his anus
When i woke up i found curly hairs all over my floor and soon found out that my room-mate had done a seb.
by Harry Moss November 24, 2006
One who is obsessed with big asses, usually found behind latino's or blacks
friend: Laquisha, watch out there's a seb behind you!!

Laquisha: Those fucking seb's,all they can think about are asses.

by Rashbuddi December 07, 2006
1. n. - alternate spelling of "sex," introduced when the all-powerful keeper of Nyah made a typo when transmitting "sex" via instant message and thus processed "seb," at which point the loyal subjects of Nyah ordained the new word as an alternate. See also: "cekks," "iex."
- Hey! Let's have seb.
by Council For and Of Nyah (CFON) October 05, 2003
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