a shorter version of the word serious.
"i just got an F on my math test!"-betty

"no way, ser?"- sue
by sofia A. July 14, 2008
-abrreviation for the word "seriously"

**sound to rhyme with dear **
I'm getting married!
SER?!?! That's awesome!!

I accidentally kissed your brother.
Ser?? I'm gonna cut you!

I lost 5 pounds.
Ser dog? thats hot!
by kikalicious February 26, 2008
SERS - Srednja elektro-racunalniška sola
Moharic is a g33k and he`s going on SERS
by nobody December 10, 2004
1. Spanish for "to be"
2. a super duper sexy ass sex kitten with a sexy ass and sexy underwear
3. the most wonderfully complex woman I will ever meet and the core of my very being
4. owner of the greenest perfectest eyes
SER is the only way 'to be'!
by J.C. R. Lord May 29, 2004

also see NRBs (no reason boner)
random erections, a guy will get while sitting in class or at his desk, or any time when he is not thinking of sex
by Jackal November 19, 2003
Saying that means Slanted Eye Ray. someone who is never satisfied
Yo SER, how was the wops
by ch6 March 16, 2006
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