Spontaneous Downs Syndrome. The act of spontaneously acquiring the known disorder: Downs Syndrome!
Dude, Steve is being a total retard!" "He must have SDS!
by BikeMill March 18, 2011
small dick syndrome, common occurance in extreme losers.
OMG Trav Has SDS!!!!!!
by AHHH darcie August 22, 2005
Satan Disciples a street gang on the folkz side. Mostly around in Pilsen. And other chicago suburbs. They rep the 6 point star and there colors are Black and Canarie Yellow. Theyer rivals with The street gang Latin Kings and lots of other gangs. And they keep there shit on the right. They are mostly know as INSANE GANGSTA SATAN DISCIPLES NATION. And they throw up the pitch fork and the six point star. And are hated by lots of other gangs. But they aint got shit on SDz.


by Tiny Xavier March 10, 2009
Small Dick Syndrome. Having self esteem issues with your small weiner.
Common symptoms include: obtaining law enforcement careers, riding racing motorcycles, unusual unwaranted hostility (especially directed at couples), desperate fashion choices, excessive attempts of displaying "confidence", a social status of "single".
Did you see that chub on the crotch rocket? Talk about a serious case of SDS.

Our waiter is a total prick... he must have SDS.
by nary dict September 17, 2005
abbreviation for so damn sad
this is the worst week ever ... sds
i failed my exams !! sds !
by vibewidit December 05, 2011
Students for a Democratic Society. It was founded in the 1960s as a radical student organization. It was dissolved in 1969 but a new generation of activists have revived it as of 2006 as the "New SDS."
The SDS is making a comeback.
by NeverTooLate July 22, 2007
someone who thinks their Shit Doesn't Stink
person 1: sup?
person 2: why you worried?
person 3 to person 1: he's as sds for sure.
by youllneverknow123321 April 12, 2011
Acronym for Sweet dude, Sweet.

A saying after someone says something pointless.
Dude 1 tries to explain the usage of Under Armor.

Dude#1: Oh and fyi under armor is use to wick moisture away from the body which really enhances our body's temperature regulation ability. Making your body cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather, also when the body is active it keeps the muscles warmer so that you have less chances of pulling something.

Dude #2: K. SDS, man.
by NeilioismasteratSDS November 19, 2009

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