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Sperm Craving Disorder is a condition that effects both guys and girls, caused mainly by a sustinence from oral sex, symptons can be relieved by ejaculating and eating it, or by perfroming oral sex on a male if you are a female
"Dude that bitch is gagging for it"
"Nah man... she just has SCD"
by RobNob January 02, 2010
(Stem Cell Disfunction). the corruption of stem cells placed in the body that causes the brains to refuse motor functions and may cause paralization in that particular part.
SCD is in my left leg.
by Alex Chandler April 19, 2007
Acronym for Sorority Cum Dumpster.

A sorority girl, often of the gold-digging ilk, who is relatively promiscuous, regardless of possible public representations to the contrary. A creature, though not uniquely indigenous to The University of Alabama and Ole Miss, occurs at those institutions in enormous quantities.

SEE ALSO: SCUD, Sorostitute.
Whoa, those girls are fine! Aw, crap, get your wallets out, it's a beamer-load of fucking S.C.D.s!
by Sidney "GDI" Rutledge September 23, 2003
Stands For Stuart Country Day School, which is in Princeton, NJ. It is an all girls school from Pre-K to 12. It is only co-ed in Pre-K though. It's counterpart is PASH (Princneton Academy of the Sacred Heart) which is an all boys school. It's a good school...except for the kilts.
Maddy: I can't wait to go to Stuart Country Day School!

Fayette: Just say SCDS Maddy, jeez.
by cosmolatte July 21, 2009
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