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A group of over zealous losers who enjoy spending their friday nights in the parking lot of In N Out pretending they are cool, when the reality is that they are either A)gay B)old C)ugly or all three. The average SBstang member probably has a weak mustang and lives at home with his mother. Led by an "Emporer" who is no bigger than a midgets cock. They enjoy acting like they know everything there is about mustangs and going to "dyno day" and jacking off to their friends pussy car on the dyno. The saddest part is that they think they are cool but people think they are lame.
Wanna go inside and get a "milkshake"?

Cant wait until dyno day. Dont forget your lawn chair! *giggles*

We only drive fast on free way on ramps. DUH!

by StangBaby April 16, 2007
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