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Shirt before the shirt. Known as a white or black "wifebeater" tank-top worn before going out to the club. As seen in Season 2, Episode 2 of the Jersey Shore.
I got my fresh kicks on, my jeans on, and my shirt on. BUT I aint wearin the shirt when we go out. Its the SBTS -Situation
by OyeQueVuelta August 08, 2010
29 5
Sad, but true.
Sally: "I was waiting for the bus, but then a dog peed on my foot."
Mark: "That sucks!"
Sally: "Yeah... SBT."
by jrnels March 08, 2010
18 5
Sorry 'Bout That. A kind of sarcastic response to something that happened that you are, in fact, not sorry for.
"Hey, you Djed my party and we had way to much fun." "Oh, Sbt, Sorry 'Bout That"
"Your friend just beat up my friend after he said something racist" "SBT"
by dayvidday November 29, 2007
28 17
Abbreviation of "Sorry 'bout that". Used to convey sympathy.
Dude, I just lost $50 to my cousin on a stupid bet and now I'm broke.

Ahh, sbt man. That blows.
by caligurl9169 July 22, 2011
4 2
Surrounded by twats.
In the midst of a group of completely annoyingly bitchy women (aka:douchebags).
"I can't stand it at work today! I'm completely SBT!"
by kwazysuzie May 27, 2009
8 10
SBT is an abbreviation for "Sweaty Ball Towel."
Don't hang that SBT up in the guest bathroom.
by The Foundation September 23, 2010
6 9
When the titties are nice and tight because of the seatblt , showing them there true state of happiness.
Holy Shit look at the sbt in the car next to us!
by Joey to the P May 06, 2008
7 26