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SBI started at Small Heath School in Birmingham, but now is used widely,

SBI means Stop Begging it
another word is DBI meaning don't beg it
Ambreen - Alum rock wicked clothes n da
Aman- SBI

Ambreen - get lost

Aman- well ur beggin it not my fault
by ir4m July 10, 2010
"Sorry bout it!"

created by dance marathon at ucla
1: hey you wanna hang out tonight?
2: im hanging out with my real friends, sorry bout it (SBI)
by sbi March 16, 2009
Skewed Body Image

When a person has a distorted view of their body type

Basically when someone thinks they are fat when they are clearly not. (could be vis versa)
girl: I am fat
friend: Girl you have SBI. That skirt is a size 2.
by McLondon October 27, 2008