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(noun) An acronym meaning "Super Bestest Friend Forever Fo Sho Fo Sho." Originating in the Bay Area, it is similar to the more commonly known term BFF. However, SBFFFFs can be distuinguished by BFFs by the way they treat each other. One notable difference is that BFFs usually cry to each other, while SBFFFFs MAKE each other cry. SBFFFFs can usually be found in their own seats eating fruit snacks and neglecting homework. Most SBFFFFs have nicknames that came from the once popular cartoon, Pokemon. Also, one SBFFFF usually refuses to share their seat with the other.
1.) Jannelle and Alliza are SBFFFFs.
2.) "Aren't Jannelle and Alliza BFFs?" "No, you idiot. Jannelle just made Alliza cry. They're obviuosly SBFFFFs."
3.) Alliza's too lazy to do her math homework, and Jannelle's not doing it either. Those silly SBFFFFs!
4.) "Alliza, share seats with me!" "No, SBFFFF!"
by SBFFFF March 28, 2006
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