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Shittiest Band Ever, punk rock legends from Fort Collins Colorado.
"Did you see SBE play the other night?"
"Who are we? SBE!"
by shittiest band ever March 09, 2008
Sorry for my Bad English
You can add SBE or #SBE on your posts to let people know that English is not your first language.
by zeroinf August 11, 2015
Stop Being Emo (s.b.e.)- it implies that the reciever of this is being gay, or annoying.
Bob- "You need to GTFU!"
Steve- "s.b.e."
by Cris Davis April 25, 2007
SBE - Selection By Erection.

This is a quick and easy process for choosing new female members of staff, based on their physical attractiveness. When they bring in their CVs, you write a score out of 10 at the top of the CV. This is their SBE score. It is a handy reference guide when choosing who to call back.
"Dude, call the girl with the 8.5 SBE from last week!"
by happynoj September 13, 2011
Acronymn for Suicide Before Entry- a term used to describe a female and her perceived eligibility.

More extreme versions of an SBE include GBE (Genocide Before Entry)
A: Did you see that girl Sophie that Dawood pulled the other night?
B: Nah, what was she like?
A: My God, she was an SBE!
B: uuurgh hahaha
by northernsaint January 09, 2009
School Boy Error
an error in judgement which a schoolboy would make
1: 'if only I had taken the early train I'd be there by now'
2: 'such a SBE'
by skdafgdsf July 04, 2011
Sexy blue eraser.
"Oh shit. Did you see that girl? What a SBE!"

"Amazing ass friend, that girl. She is SO an SBE"
by Taylerrocks January 28, 2009

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