made up words that highschool student have to know for the SAT test to sound smart because possibly important people created these words
Haley: Wanna go do something worthwhile?
Jane: Sorry girlie, I have to study my SAT words.
Haley: Who's to say they're "smart" words? Language was made up by mankind, so these words are made up.
Jane: Colleges clearly care about this superficial stuff.
by Meytal Mantzur November 22, 2011
Top Definition
needlessly 'big' word very rarely used in the english language except in cases where you say 'sat word' right after it
"Oh lord you are gregarious little one."
by ovrlypsyked!!!!!! January 07, 2007
N. Used sarcastically. An unnecessarily complicated word stuck in a sentence, in the manner of the SAT.
A:"Dude, you are a minuscule threat."
B:"(sarcastically) Wow, SAT word!"
by ralenys September 24, 2008
A commonplace word that occasions exclamations of "Ooh, SAT word!" when employed in normal discourse. Incidentally, those who use this moniker happen to not read enough books, not even pulp not conducive to formal education.

words, not 'SAT words.'
by spinningtabletop March 23, 2009
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