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Socially awkward
Opposite of SA (Socially Acceptable), non-SA
John: Hey dude! How's life going for u?
Jay: Um....iono....ok I gtg.
John: Wow you are fucking sawk dude.
by jsmithsmith December 13, 2010
Can be used as an adjective to mean socially acceptable or as a noun to mean social acceptability.

A well-liked individual, the epitome of cool
SA conversation
John: Yo dude! How's life treatin' you man? How was your weekend?
Jay: Pretty good. Just cheel'd with my bros. U?
John: Not much either. You gonna do anything fun for winter break?
Jay: Yea, I'ma go surfin' with the bros in Cali. Gotta get away from the cold weather. U no what I'm sayin'?
John: Yeah dude. Awesome. Live it up.
by jsmithsmith December 13, 2010

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