Just, a funny word that you say sometimes :)
Guy 1: Hey, man wuzzap?
Guy 2: i am gonna to lunarstorm.com
Guy 1: Sarm.

by Hocce May 13, 2003
Top Definition
Acronym for a person that is "Single And Ready to Mingle."

Word is commonly used as a noun, although it can be used as an adjective.
Chad: "Are any hotties coming to the party tonight?"
Todd: "Yeah, Gertrude is coming. She is a total SARM!"
Chad: "Hooray! I'll try to hit that!"
by MDSMooth February 20, 2009
another name for a typo
i went to the store yesterdsy
sorry for the sarm, i ment yesterday
by Bob Wilson May 31, 2003
The greatest and most black person on the planet earth
Fuck sarm is black
by Sarm Pac June 28, 2003
acronym for sexually active rampaging monkeys
(mating monkeys)
child: mommy what kind of monkeys are those mommy?
Mother: those are SARM monkeys sweetie
child: what does sarm mean mommy?
Mother: you will learn that when you are older sweetie (recites sexually active rampaging monkeys in the back of her head)
by megfishie December 03, 2007
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