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Acronym. Sudden Loss of Grip. The unconscious and sudden relaxation of muscle control in the hand leading to the release of an object.
Most often occurs when holding an alcoholic drink in a public area. S.l.o.g. is frequently followed by embarassment and the need for more alcohol.
by Mark Sundermeyer March 02, 2008
6 1
A long session of hard work.
Kenny and James Slogged for 18 hours in a hay field, while they were camping.
by Wandy September 30, 2004
113 60
This is a combination between a slut and a hog. It is commonly used to describe a promiscious woman who is quite overweight. Also used to describe any women who you dislike and want to offend.
She is sleeping with half the sailors at the port and eats more than them too, what a slog.
by Charles Scheerer August 14, 2006
121 87
when someone passes wind anyone in hearing distance of the fart, can say SLOGS, which gives him or her the right to punch the person farting. To negate SLOGS the farter has to say NO SLOGS.
FART >>>>>>>> SLOGS>>>>>>>>PUNCH>>>>NO SLOGS
by ldd39640 February 07, 2010
3 0
verb (slogs, slogging, slogged): a mix of "sloshed" and "nog;" to drink alcoholic egg nog, often in the Christmas season, until you're grade 9 drunk and your parents are mad at you.
"The boys are home from school. Let's all get slogged and watch SW all day."
by cheddarbob December 23, 2012
2 5
1. A slow-paced or boring blog.

"I'm sick of Christie asking me whether or not I've read the latest entry in her slog yet. The only thing she ever writes about is her dreams, and she never uses any puctuation!"
by aletheia vonlubs May 09, 2008
31 34
a girl very easy to get with. usually a fat slut that takes little coaxing to fornicate with. the act of looking for a slog is called "slogging"
anna nicole smith is a well-known slog
by kenny burnham March 24, 2005
39 45