Stronger Than All Crew;

A Hardcore Crew From california, Not just a Crew But a Family.

Family Protecting Family.

Close Friends and Family.

Not like most crews who run their mouths or look for trouble.
S.T.A.C is Hard as Fuck
by XdannyX October 27, 2008
Top Definition
Stronger Than All Crew

Based out of modesto california stretching to who gives a fuck.

Basic Hardcore crew from Cali. Its getting pretty big.

Don't know who started it, Just don't get in their way

You'll see em at shows wearing their tag or shirt.

"You hit them, they Destroy everything."
"They own their scene."


by XdisniggaX December 06, 2008
Stupid Turkey Ass Cow ~(can be pronounced like stack)

Used when you really want to say you Stupid Turkey Ass Cow but for one reason or another you when you're at work
That STAC needs stop copying me and STFU already.
by nahdahting December 07, 2010
An abbreviation of Spacecraft Tracking and Command station.
Although the 's' for the station is missing; it is withheld to let STAC be more speaker friendly. A ground station with capability to track space crafts may be reffered to as a STAC station.
the Strathclyde STAC station
by stan241 March 26, 2010
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