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An acronym standing for the Secret Society of Animal Masks.

This secret society was formed by two cats from M-Town. These prodigies, known commonly as Clev and Carl, formed this society in late 2006 when they began posting pictures of themselves in animal masks on the internet. Carl, known for his long legs and wit, originally was known as "The Rabbit." Clev, the more handsome of the two, became known as "The Monkey." Members of the S.S.A.M. can now been seen throughout the area, though not commonly in their masks.


Entrance into the society is simple.

Step 1: Purchase a simple, yet refined, plastic animal mask.
Step 2: Take pictures of you in the animal mask of your choice.
Step 3: Post these photos on the internet were they can be viewed by other members of the S.S.A.M.
Step 4: Have the most balla time of your life!
Wow! Look at those cats in animal masks. They must be members of the S.S.A.M.
by Clev October 25, 2006
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