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The eating of one's shit.
I do not like scat pictures
by ass pounder June 28, 2003
65 27
sexual practices related to shit
by anonymous March 22, 2003
3571 1304
To chow down on large amounts of big, hot, shit.
Sir Jerald looked over to Lady Penelope and gave her a sly wink. "You're really going to love this next course," he said in a hushed whisper full of promise. The servent bought a steaming dinner plate to the table and lifted the silver cover. Lady Penelope's eyes lit up with delight and she blushed furiously at Sir Jerald. "My favourite!" she exclaimed and cut deeply into the big fat pile of shit that had oozed out of Geralds asshole not half an hour ago.
by Kkussler June 29, 2003
2359 1399
a form of extremely fast rapping. words sang usually have no meaning.
Ski ba ba ba do bop

I'm a scatman!

-Scatman John
by blazefast September 01, 2004
1724 1061
1)abbreviation of scatophagy, meaning the consumption of excrement.
2) Defecation or faeces.
3) Substitute for the word shit
1) Don't do that scat here.
2) I need to take a scat.
3) Oh scat!! That must've hurt.
by Chang Wang November 03, 2003
1040 723
Sex involving poopy love.
I want to scat with you mommy.
by Mr. Hot Stuff July 25, 2004
1014 764
turding all over a lovers head
scat on my face John
by Dave December 12, 2003
809 606
The only thing that turns normal people on, next to vomit and sticking an arm up a mare's rectum.
i like me some crispy corn nuggets. Scat is the SHIT.
by runpoochrun November 03, 2011
472 282