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Giving/receiving a blowjob whilst driving at considerable speed up the S Bends of New South Head Road.
Guy: Oh hey we're coming up on the S's...
Girl: Just move your elbow and ill get started.

Guy to His mate the next day: Oh bro on the way home from school, she gave me an S-bender!
by Mr X @ Moriah June 29, 2011
One of the suspected causes of the ghost shit / ghost poo in which after a shit has been ejaculated out of the human body it either shoots out so fast or holds not enough mass to float and makes it's way down the toilet's S-Bend pipes never to be seen again.
I just took a shit this morning and looked in the bowl and it was gone. What a great S-Bender
by Soke No-Last-Name April 22, 2011
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