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S-bag is a phrase that has developed from the word “T-bag.”

To S-bag someone is to shape the dick into an S and place it on someone’s face.
“I tried to S-bag her yesterday but my dick won’t bend that way!”
by s-bagger September 27, 2011
A drunken, unshaven, unshowered, smelly party goer who continually hops from university to university surprising his friends, by showing up unannounced and uninvited to 'party down' ; despite his questionable hygene and appearance s-bag is extremely skilled at playing lacrosse, and picking up women, a slight jaw variation makes his chin completely immune to damage; of any kind, you dont fuck with him, he will assault and seriosuly injure any individual who insults the 'chiefs' lacrosse club.
one night i was sitting at guelph university, s-bag drove drunk to my residence, drank 10 beers, shit, fucked, and puked in my bed without asking for my permission, after that he drove drunk without sleeping or showering to brock university to do it allover again.

dude, i told you you could not visit, stop being such an S-BAG
by Aeroe June 11, 2009
a guy who is tall and needs a nickname cuz he feels left out
look at s bag trying to dance!
by hyperlide May 13, 2009
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