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S-mail is like e-mail, but there is no body, and the entire message is conveyed using only the subject line.

Usually practiced using mobile devices (Blackbery, etc)
here's an example of a typical S-MAIL converstaion.

From: Johnny
To: Mary
Subject: Want to hit McDonald's for lunch?



From: Mary
To: Johnny
Subject: Sure, what time do you want to go?


From: Johnny
To: Mary
Subject: Let's go at 1:00

by Dooley Noted February 14, 2009
A female who has the following combination of qualities: unnatractiveness, portlyness, sexually depraved, yet in constant desire of sexual attention despite these qualities. It is also important to note that these are the type of females no one cares about, in general.
"Dude, there are so many smail at this party, we are like sex icons."

"Hey, did you end up hooking up with that smail last night?"
"Yeah, I ejaculated all over her smaily face and body, just to piss her off."

"You SHUTUP and take it like a SMAIL!"

by Myson Magnum April 18, 2006
a girl who doesn't matter, almost always overweight and usually ugly
I'm so tired of my Amy, I'm just going to get drunk and hook up with some smail.
by doobiedood April 18, 2006
Abbreviation of Snail Mail, referring to postal mail delivered by angry men in blue shorts.
“I got an extra print of that roller coaster snapshot, want it?”
“What's your S-mail?”
by Najintrigue July 13, 2010
Slang word for gullible.

Easily deceived or cheated
You are so smail.
by psegyt January 23, 2009
a form of written communication, as opposed to electronic mail
I looked in my letter box and there were three pieces of smail
by P Mitchell January 08, 2006

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