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can also be said as SONAD one word - it is to suck on a dick.
Idea from the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall - "You don't wanna stick your P in a V!" "No but I wanna B my L on somebodies T's."

I want S on a D!
by Level 7 August 10, 2009
The term a drunk girl uses when she wants to suck on your dick in a Taco Bell parking lot.
Drunk girl: "I want to S on a D!"

*sees you chilling in your car at Taco Bell*
Drunk girl: "Hey can I S on your D?"
You: "What's S on a D mean?"
Drunk girl: "Suck on your Dick!"
by sonadpod January 13, 2016
To suck on a dick. Derives from the term "S on a D". Used as a phrase, instead of saying suck it, stfu, or stop.
Dude, sonad.
Did you really just do that? Sonad.
Shut up....sonad.
by Jritt February 11, 2010
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