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Sadomasochism. When sexual gratification is recieved by inflicting and/or enduring painful activites, this does not have to be exclusively during intercourse. Whips and chains are often considered S&M paraphenalia, as well as bondage collars, spiked jewelry, etc.

May also stand for slave and master.

See also BDSM, bondage, S&M
Ginny and James are into the S and M scene.
by The Pessimist March 20, 2006
sadism and massicism- the act of using whips and chains to fllfill your sexual desires.
dude, i knew andrew's mom was into s and m...
by topamonster May 03, 2005
-Sadists and Massacists- Leather, whips, chains. Think about people who get turned on by being beaten to within an inch of their lives. It's surprising to see this definition undefined, I would have assumed Urbandictionary junkies to be major S and M freaks. Note- Not all S and M is sexually, some people get the pleasure out of just being bound or hit
Guy 1: Dude we are going down to the club tonight and there's this chick there who's going to whip us with a chain until we bleed.
Guy 2: SWEET!
Guy 3: Can I bring my latex bodysuit?
by Azaru March 29, 2005
simphony and mettalica. i belive it was 2005 when metalica did a experiment with a full orchestrail occumpennyment
guy 1: im a homo
guy 2: well u show go to s and m
guy 1 : as if u fucking wierd god ur a psyco
by jermsy1 March 06, 2008