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Sølve is a Norwegian name descending from Sǫlvi, which could mean

* "spacious", or "sun" -"home"

* a variant of *Sǫlvér, which could be a composition of vér which means «warrior». This is often the most common but it can also be translated into "yellow, pale"

-«spacious»/«sun» + «home»/«warrior» or «yellow, pale»
-Do you know Sølve?

-Of course I know him! Coolest guy I know!
by jadda! July 17, 2011
Sølve is the definition of beeing totally retarded. Their shoulders are usually useless and cannot be used. They are always lazy and use the weak shoulder as an excuse of getting out of gym class.
Look at that dude! What a Sølve

Holy shit you're stupid, are you Sølve?
by Bitchslapperretard1 April 28, 2011
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