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The supporters of São Paulo Football Club. One of the biggest teams with a large amount of loyal supporters, in Brazil.

The "average" são-paulino, justify your adoration for this club, because it is the most successful brazilian team, when challenging international championships and cups. That is what makes any são-paulino proud.

Your arch-rivals in São Paulo City football scenario, are Palmeiras F.C.; Corinthians S.C.P.; and Santos F.C.
Because of the São Paulo F.C. international success and recognition, is commom for the S.P.F.C. supporters, to receive and hear absurd insults from other team's supporters.
Corinthiano: Hey, you Bambi!
São-Paulino: What...?
Corinthiano: How is your "BirdCage"?
São-Paulino: Well, We still missing a decent place to expose our new trophy, from the Libertadores-05's conquest. Do you have any of these trophies?
Corinthiano: .......(none, damn)
by Jeff Jung July 14, 2006
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