The best soccer team in Brazil! Situated in the city of Sao Paulo the team has three world cmapionships, three Libertadores and also five Brazillian championships. It home stadium is the famous Morumbi. Its biggest idol is the world famous goal-scoring goalkeeper, Rogerio Ceni.
Holy shit man did you the Sao Paulo match last night?

Yeah man they beat Corinthians and Rogerio Ceni scored
by Gabriel Ayres November 19, 2007
Top Definition
- The richest Brazilian city.
- The biggest Brazilian and Latin American city.
- The 5th biggest city in the world.
- A soccer team.
São Paulo is located in the southeast of Brazil.
by Bittencourt September 01, 2006

1. Biggest Brazilian and South-American city, Second bigger city in Latin America, richest city in Brazil. It's name means "Saint Paul" in portuguese. In Brazil it's name is write with an ~ in the 1st A (São Paulo), a sound that usually only Brazilians can say. It has not beaches, but there are beautiful beaches is the state of the same name.

2. A Brazilian State, wich capital is also named Sao Paulo, in the southeast of the country.
Me: I was born and live in Sao Paulo.

Girl: Have you ever lived in another place?

Me: No.
by LoAngieBR March 22, 2010
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