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The hottest chick you will ever meet! Her booty like BOW! Her waist WOW! She always has her hair done, nails done, everything did. She not one of those "Toot it and Boot it" girls. She is classy with a hood twist.

She is the life of the party the best person to become friends with. If you cross her, consider your life to be over. Because she will get even!

All in all, Rysheeda is who you need to be friends with! and the person you can take home to your Mother. Your life is not complete unless you have a Rysheeda in it.
Frank: Hey did you like meeting my friend Rysheeda?

Rogerick: Hecks Yes!!! When I tell you she is the Best Thing I Never Had. I want to marry her!

Frank: Yeah she is the marrying type. Pretty much the perfect combination!

Rogerick: Sometimes I wonder where has she been all my life. From the first day I looked in her eyes I knew she was the one. Crazy, Sexy, Cool!!! That's Rysheeda!
by Doctor Deuce July 13, 2012
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