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Ryleigh is the most amazing person in this world. She is extremely friendly and just so lovable. Her personallity is one of a kind. Shes so intelligent, lively, genuine, loyal, honest, pure, athletic, kind-hearted, respectful, and just spectacular person. You'll love her to the fullest extent and be loved back. She is truly a gift from God. Her personallity lights up the room and her smile makes you melt. She's just truly amazing. She is so special and loved very much by many. She is flawless in every way and she is thought of as nothing less than perfect. <3
Is that an angel? ohh nahh just Ryleigh:)
by Wifeyyy December 06, 2010
Words can't even define.
boy says: "look at ryleigh!"
friend says: "what fuck, did you just shit your pants!"
by Dylonnn. May 25, 2008
The most beautiful person in the world. Sometimes noted as a celebrity. Mostly looked on as a jerk. To his friends, he might be noted as arrogant, but genuine, and faithful; someone you couldn't hurt.
Boy One: Peter is so annoying.
Girl One: I think He's cute.
Boy Two: He sounds like a Total Ryleigh.
by khodistarship May 23, 2009
A down ass bitch that smells like Salami and bad decisions. The type of girl to eat Pringles off the floor, but is always ready to do whatever. Best friend to have for an orgy.
Me: Here comes Ryleigh!

Everybody else: AAAWWEEE SHIT!
by Ryleighbooo August 26, 2015
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