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Elite hacker all should fear.

He has owned many-a-noobs.Only Canadian Dark Lord Hacker.

(note: the Y is silent)
Ryiot just pwned that n00bs firewall.
Ryiot just faced you
Ryiot is my id0l
by Ty_F1ghter July 14, 2004
A large land mammal who avoids movement if at all possible. Can usually be found infront of a computer playing Either CS or DOD. They have no emotions including any feelings towards women this is sometime mistaken for gheyness.

No one quite knows where the Ryiot first came from, but it seems they are here to stay.
"thats a large Ryiot"
"What a stupid Ryiot, he h4x"
by Joe Indian July 14, 2004
A collective of individuals forming the elite of a category.
top percentage of a cohort will be called the Ryiots
by sammy552 May 24, 2009
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